11 Experiences you must live Before Falling In Love


Love is a fantastic feeling that we must experience at least once in a lifetime, but it is not everything in this world and should not become the center of our universe.

When we are young, it seems that all we want is to find that special person to share our life, advance stages, skip experiences, and just live happily after.

Therefore, before you even think about sitting down, you should give these 11 experiences a chance that will change your life and are much better than suffering from lovesickness.

1. Travel around the world

We know that it is not as simple as saying it, because it takes time and money, but traveling is one of the few things you will never regret. Knowing and admiring new places is time, money, and effort well spent.

2. Learn at least another language

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t learn new things, but let’s be realistic: it takes time to dedicate yourself. So take advantage of your singleness to study the language that you like the most.

3. Take the courses you have always wanted

You have always wanted to learn but have never given yourself the time to do it? It doesn’t matter if it’s cooking, practicing self-defense, knitting, playing an instrument or dancing, focus your energies on yourself, instead of on a boy, will help you feel satisfied.

4. Join as volunteer

There is no better feeling than helping others instead of having a fight with a boy because he didn’t answer a message. If your thing is the closeness to people, animals, or the environment, think of a small retreat to commit to essential. It will give you tremendous mental satisfaction.

5. Make your passion the center of your days

Between work, friends, and family, we really have little time left to do what we like, and sometimes we secretly envy those who are fortunate enough to devote themselves to their passions. Don’t think twice, and become an expert in your favorite activity; give it time, practice. It’s never too late to start.

6. Expand your circle of friendships

The world is not reduced to a couple, but there are millions of people with whom you can share tastes and experiences and with whom you would get along great. You just have to leave your comfort zone and give them a chance.

7. Know yourself

The most important thing will always be that you know yourself: discern your feelings, attend to your beliefs, pay attention to your thoughts, listen to your tastes. You are with whom you will spend the rest of your life and, therefore, the most important personality for you.

8. Go to all the parties you can

Did you ever miss a celebration because your boy didn’t want you to go without him, but he was too tired to go? Take advantage that you are young and have the energy to do everything you want. Nobody limits you. Life is too short and made for you to have fun.

9. Have the body you’ve always dreamed of

Science says that having a partner makes you fat, and losing our figure can depress us because it is easier to increase kilos than to lower them. Take advantage of your single years to have the body you’ve always wanted. It’s not about meeting beauty standards, but about feeling good about yourself.

10. Work on your mind

The body is not the only important thing of your being; your mind also needs maintenance. May your free time as boys serve you to read all the books you have bought and left forgotten due to lack of time.

11. Be happy with yourself

Before entering a relationship, understand that nobody is to be your better half because you are already a complete being. Love yourself and enjoy yourself so that when the right guy arrives, you are with him because you want to share everything you have and not because you feel that something is missing from your life.


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