7 Life Hacks You Really Need To Know About In Your Ever Day Lifes

Quite often in life the best things are usually free. With these simple life hacks can help you in your every day Life’s .

  1. Bye turning your mobile phone/tablet on airplane mode will charge a’lot faster when charging.

2. Not many know but the arrow on your fuel gauge show what side of the car your fuel tank is located.

3. personally this one is me as i hate it with cheesy fingers but with using chopsticks when eating your Cheese Puffs or Doritos BAMMMM no more cheesy fingers

4. Now this one can come in quite handy transforming your hoodie in to a laptop bag.

5. Simple way to fix a broken zipper on your jeans/trousers which most of us carry with our keys.

6. Getting brain freeze is really annoying but bye simply putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth will warm up the the soft plate faster

7. A new way of remembering the months of the year. Think of months as knuckles. The bumps are months with 31 days and the spaces are months with 30 or 28, if it’s February

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