15 Classic Movies That Turned 30 In 2019


It seems like a lie, but 30 years have passed since the premiere of Ghost Busters II, The Little Mermaid, and Dead Poets Society, among few others.

However, 1989 was tormented with action, terror, romance, and dramas. That is, it was a fantastic year for the film industry, but these are the 15 most symbolic:

1. Indiana Jones and the last crusade

Jones engages in an adventure to find the Holy Grail. His only clues are a diary and an unnamed map.

2. Steel magnolias

Shelby has just married, and doctors forbid her from having children, but against any diagnosis, she decides to have one.

3. Back to the Future II

Marty will travel to Hill Valley 2015 to try to stop a catastrophe that threatens to destroy planet Earth.

4. Look who’s talking

Millie is pregnant with a married man. When she goes to the hospital to give birth, he abandons her, but fate will make her find true love in a taxi.

5. Dead Poets Society

Through poetry, Professor Keating will teach his students that life is to enjoy, feel, and fall in love, not to follow the rules and seek perfection.

6. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

An accident will cause the children to be reduced in size, taking risks and adventures. The complicated thing will be to return them to their natural size.

7. Ghostbusters II

After a break, Ghostbusters will return to fight a ghostly invasion that threatens to destroy Manhattan and the entire world.

8. The Little Mermaid

Ariel will debate between fighting the wicked witch of the sea to recover her father’s ocean or stay beside Prince Eric, the love of her life. Unaware of witch’s actual intentions, Ariel lands herself in trouble.

9. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Clark wants to surprise his family with a big Christmas party, but a series of disasters will ruin everything.

10. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Bill and Ted are guided by Rufus, an emissary of the future, who will take them to travel through time to learn about the most remarkable passages in history.

11. Say Anything

Lloyd Dobles conquers Diane, the prettiest and smartest girl in school. Although their love is two-sided, Diane’s father will oppose the relationship, doing everything possible to separate them.

12. Pet cemetery

Based on the homonymous book by Stephen King, he tells the story of a family who moves to the countryside and discovers that right next to his home, there is a cemetery where mysterious things happen.

13. Turner & Hooch

A dog named Hooch will help Detective Turner solve the murder of his died master.

14. When Harry met Sally

Harry believes that friendship between a man and a woman is impossible; Sally believes contrarily. Despite their differences, their relationship continues for years.

15. All dogs go to heaven

Charlie is a dog that is engaged in illegal gambling. One day, his partner Carface murders him to take over the business. Somehow Charlie manages to return to earth to take revenge on Carface.


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