Electronic waste: where can it be recycled?

This type of garbage does not stop increasing. It has become a real problem, but do we know how to get rid of it properly?

If you are about to throw something you used to plug or light in the trash, you may be dealing with electronic waste. What does electronic waste include? Electronic devices that we no longer want or that have reached the end of their useful life. From refrigerators to smartphones and used batteries, electronic waste accumulates in our homes and our landfills.

Why can’t we throw electronic waste in the usual container?

Electronic waste is hazardous materials. Over time, these electronics can filter out toxic elements, such as mercury and lead, that can be harmful to the environment and humans.

It is not a minor problem, as many televisions, washing machines, mobile phones, computers, that add more than 46 million tons of electronic waste, according to the International Telecommunications Union, only 20% is recycled.

What can we do then?

On the one hand, we can donate electronic products that we no longer want to reuse or recycle them in securely managed sites helps control all possible hazards. Recycling is also another option that allows you to recover safe resources.

Reuse products that continue to work

If we do not use a device does not mean that it has no use. Imagine that someone just gave us a new mobile at work and that we already had one. What to do in that case? It is not necessary to throw away the old one just because it is an old model. In this case, we could donate it to social platforms. If you do not want to donate it, you can also choose to sell it on a second-hand platform online and recover some of the investment.

Recondition the devices that have a defect

It is increasingly common for the mobile screen to end up broken or scratched. Avoid the first impulsive action, which would be to throw it away and buy a new one. It is very easy to go to the mobile technical service and to replace the screen with a new and shiny, brand new. And the smartphone will be like new. The same happens with a computer and its corresponding hardware or even with keyboards or mouse. Remember that electronic products are made of different components to which we can put new parts, and if one part has been damaged, the rest will be in perfect condition. There is no reason to throw the whole part.

Recycle electronic waste by taking it to e-recycle point

If there is finally nothing to fix or anything to do with a device in question or you prefer to buy a new one directly, we recommend you recycle it. But properly. The organic garbage container or even the plastic one is not intended for electronic components. You can choose to take the device to an e-waste recycling unit near your home or area.

E-WASTE Recycling recovers worthy materials from used electronics that can be used to make new goods. As a result, we save power, reduce pollution, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and preserve natural reserves by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.


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