This bracelet gives you an electric shock if you break your diet now say goodbye to the gym


Who does not love to eat without thinking about calories or how much you have to exercise to lower calories consumed?

December is the most beautiful time of the year, but also the one that leaves us with debts and extra kilos. Although every year we swear that from the first day of January we will start the diet, we know that this is a lie. Fortunately, there is already a technology that will help us fulfill the purpose of losing weight. Does it look like a joke or maybe a dream? Keep reading until the end, and you will find a magnificent bracelet that can help you to maintain or lose your weight.

The bracelet aims to help us control our way of eating. The Interactive IO company focused on creating unique and intelligent devices so that users can control food intake properly.

An electric shock is enough.

The science behind this product is that it has just the right voltage for the brain to detect the action of ingesting food without need as something unfavorable. As time goes on, a feeling of discomfort develops, and this will stop eating foods with high calorie or sugar content, improving eating habits.

Thanks to the fact that different studies have been carried out, it was concluded that electric shock does not generate harmful damage in the future. Also, appropriate measures were taken to launch the product to the market.

Smart bracelet, simple and beautiful

Users expect this device or bracelet to reach the commercial market with a simple, beautiful, and lightweight design that allows it to be used daily without interfering with clothing.

In addition to style, it is also useful in solving the problem of poor diet and overweight. So far, the bracelets will come with basic colors such as: black, yellow, blue, and pink.

The cell phone will help you control it.

Through an application downloaded to the cell phone, the user can control the calories to be ingested and the voltage for a reprimand; Also, you can measure the movement of the jaw when eating food.

This bracelet is an excellent option for those of us who want to reach the right weight. Additionally, it is a good option to start making changes in lifestyle and diet. However, experts recommend always going with a nutritionist or dietitian, since only health professionals can best guide you on food issues, as well as an exercise in order to maintain an always healthy quality of life.

Did you find it an exciting gadget? Must share with your friends and family members, and especially with those who struggle to achieve the desired weight.


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