Top 5 online multiplayer games of all time


Released in July 2015, Rocket League continues to grandstand over many other sport based games. Using rocket-powered cars, the objective is to hit a giant ball into the opponent’s goal and score a point for your team. In other words, it is just a game of football; replacing the footballers with high performace sports cars. Later updates on this game have given, it a variety of modes that you and your friends can enjoy, that includes Hoops (basketball) and Snow day (ice hockey). On top of all this, it has cross-platform compatibility so you will never miss the action no matter what console you own.


Due to an unexpected plane crash the player character ‘Eric’ and his son ‘Timmy’ are the only survivors. Located in an overgrown, forested headland the player makes their own decisions to ensure survival against the cannibalistic mutants that lurk on the island. It is a free roam game, however Timmy is kidnapped; leaving a whole load of clues scattered across the map and in the cave systems that lead back to Timmy’s whereabouts.

3. Minecraft

Craft, explore, fight and survive alone or with friends. This game is the leading source of YouTube’s ad revenue and has 33 million users. After spawning in on a randomly-generated, blocky world the player is free to do whatever they wish as it is a sandbox game. This game is every gamer’s paradise as they are able to let their imagination go wild and create whatever springs to mind.

2. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds (PUPG)

This is an online battle royal game consisting of 100 players every match. The main objective of this game is to hunt for weapons that are scattered everywhere on the map, and kill the other players while avoiding death yourself in order to win. As the game progresses the safe zone shrinks, compressing all the players into the same area and forcing encounters.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

This Rockstar game has a very unique online play. It is a free roam action-adventure game with endless objectives, missions, heists, races etc. Whenever you play GTA V you and your friends will always have something to do, become a crew and take on all that this game has to offer. You can even expand the size of your crew through Rockstar Games Social Club. If you have a more creative touch there is a content creator option where you can build your very own jobs for players to play in.


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